Psychotherapist services

Vita-Victoria Popovych
Certified gipnolog (gipnoterapevt), NLP expert.
Couch and personal improvement consultant.
Reiki therapist.
Suggestive psychotherapy.


  • to give up smoking (for one session!)
  • to lose weight
  • to improve memory and the family relations
  • to strengthen self-assessment and self-esteem
  • to cope with states when you feel an intolerable resentment, fault, shame.


  • with dependence on the last relations
  • with feeling of loneliness, emptiness
  • with people who look for an exit from a crisis situation and which seek to understand themselves better.

Service cost:

Services Cost (UAH.) Duration (min.)
Psycotheraphy session (involving different techniques) 200 50-55
Giving up smoking (hypnosuggestive therapy + NLP) 400 100-110