Mineral water


Detail and properties myneralnoy water “Polyana Kvasova”

The greatest wealth Polyana resort is mineral water, familiar to many for her called “Glade kvasova.” Water Polyana resort deserves highlight her own bed in the classification between other healing waters. First, content is the main ingredient, sodium bicarbonate. Second, the water Polyansky a half times more carbon dioxide than in Borjomi, in dietary quantities contained boron and fluorine.

In “Glade Kvasova” at this time are known analogues “Polyana Kupel”, “Olenevsky”, “Ploskivska.” Outside forests to the unique water Polyana include “Utseru” (Georgia), “Muhensku” (Sakhalin Island). But most complete analog can be considered “Polyana Kupel”.

Wells, through which “discharged” Novo-Polyana field, drilled in the tract of euphonious name Kvasok.Ochevydno that the area outside the settlements in the picturesque valley between the mountains was called due to the source of healing and delicious natural gift, which Lemko Rusyns, and Jaunty not called mineral water and leaven. Name of the reasonable, because the water contains natural carbonic acid. However, not all useful to drink soda, so most patients it degassed heating.

To have an idea of ​​the composition and potential therapeutic opportunities Balneologists represent basic physical and chemical properties in the form of so-called “formula Kurlov.” For “Glade Kvasova” it is as follows:

Test this formula can be read as follows: Mineral Water treatment table, carbonate, hydrocarbonate, sodium, medium salinity, low acidic, cold, containing boron and fluorine. Chemical composition and serves more accessible form. Poljanskaya mineral water not only removes the body from various “toxins”, but also increase resistance to adverse environmental factors – chemical, biological. The mechanism of this influence varied. On the one hand, the reduction or elimination of inflammatory and degenerative processes, motor function disorders in the organs of digestion promotes excretion of “slag”, their effective neutralization, removes preconditions utvorennyayih in the digestive canal. On the other hand, the trace element fluorine, which is mineral water, increases resistance even in case of extension of the disease has also ahentiv.Ftor general adaptogenic action reminds impact ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, dibazola or other known adaptogens.

Poljanskaya water bottle filling most definitely reduces blood levels of cholesterol and other lipids, normalizes mineral metabolism, reduces angina, patients improves health, reduces the craving for smoking and facilitates the withdrawal of bad habits. Water diuretic effect, positive influence on urinary diathesis, especially when urat- oksalaturii and reduces inflammation of the urinary system. Treatment in a sanatorium patients who as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl factors NPP emerged immune complexes and kidney disease are also effective.

Due to its physical and chemical properties, the availability of autochthonous microorganisms, organic matter, various trace elements (lithium, potassium, copper, zinc, bromine, silicon, phosphorus, fluoride, iron, iodine, manganese, cobalt, nickel, etc.). “Glade kvasova” and “Polyana Kupel” intense and diverse influence on the function of the digestive system, improve metabolism in diabetes, obesity, gout, uric diathesis, reduce blood cholesterol and other lipids, improve the psychological status of patients with depression, hypochondria, stimulate the function of the endocrine, immune system, are allergic, stimulate the function of excretion, cleansing the body from endogenous “slag” and a variety of exogenous toxins contributing to the improvement of human and healing of various chronic diseases.

Some rules for the internal use of mineral water.

Take medical-table mineral water only after a thorough medical examination and on prescription. You need to perform all of its recommendations on the dose of mineral water, its temperature, concentration, time of acceptance regarding food, and so on.

Improper use of mineral water can cause unwanted effects, especially in children and older people, in some diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys.

With regular treatment with mineral water should reduce salt intake, preferably and sugar, which increases the “density” of tissues.

Observations of physicians indicate that daily intake “Glade Kvasova” and other medium salinity water for drinking treatment is about 1% of the “ideal” body weight of the patient. That is, if the body weight of 70 kg, enough for effective treatment during the day to drink about 0.7l of water. And this is about 7,0h sodium bicarbonate.

Most morning fasting is effective reception of mineral water, it is desirable “not to spill any.”

If the drinking water treatment you will experience degradation that sometimes occurs temporarily (balneoreaktsiya), turn consult your doctor and follow his appointment clearly. It is better to gradually increase the stimulating effect accepted into the mineral water.

For this and proposed “stepped” method.”Stupinchatist” achieved in this way. Early treatment is assigned mineral water, diluted with fresh (eg. 1: 2 or 1: 1, then 2: 1), and in the end, undiluted, and the gap between drinking water and eating slowly increases, for example. 7 days sick n ‘is water for 45 minutes. to food, these days- 7 an hour, and then – for 1.15hod. or 1.30hod. before meals. Thus, the receptors of the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal not have time to adapt and actively respond to the acceptance of water throughout the treatment continuously, as the intensity of stimulation stupenepodibno increases.

Ozdorovlyuytesya mineral water Svalyava – “Glade Kvasova”, “Polyana Kupel”, “Ploskivskoyu ‘,” Svalyava “,” Luzhanska “properly prescribed by a doctor, health resort and stay healthy!

Sincerely, the hotel “Sofia”