Procedures of the medical or relaxing massage will be especially effective after visiting steam bath, sauna, swimming pool. All complex of improving actions of the Polyna resort in hotel «Sofia»: massage, sauna or steam bath, bathtub with healing mineral water, environmentally friendly food – are available to all guests and vacationers of the resort. The result from staying at our resort is healt improvement, cheerfulness and beauty! You should definitely try on yourself advantages of Spa procedures of the Polyana resort (Zakarpattya).

Medical or relaxing massage is useful both to adults and children.

Massage procedure cost

Massage procedure Cost (UAH.) Duration (min.)
General body massage 350 50-55
Back massage 180 25-30
Massage of the cellular zone 130 15-20
Children's back massage 100 15-20
Massage of the upper limbs with a cellular zone 185 30-40
Massage of the lower extremities with the lumbar area 190 40
Abdominal massage 90 15
General body massage (children's) 180 30
Hand massage 110 20
Foot massage 150 20
Foot massage 110 15
Head massage 90 15