a wide range of wellness treatments

Picturesque natural landscapes, clean air, curative sources of mineral water attract all who wishes to organize rest and treatment in Zakarpattya.

Zakarpattya – an authentic part of Ukraine in which a peculiar color and culture are inherent. Combining rest and treatment in Zakarpattya, vacationers gain health, positive emotions and good mood.

Many, having visited Zakarpattya once, definetly come back to this region again. Coming back to the favourite resorts from year to year, taking a necessary course of treatment and water procedures, the majority cures their chronic diseases. Many were influenced by the medical force of the Zakarpattya mineral water. At treatment of many gastric diseases, water Polyana Kvasova. Natural sources of this water are situated in Polyana village . This water contains calcium and magnesium therefore Polyana Kvasova possesses anti-spasmatic and anti-inflammatory effect.

For those, who have colitis and gastritises, nessecary condition of recovery is visiting resorts with sources of hydrocarbonate water. This water is almost universal remedy for many diseases of an intestinal tract. Hydrocarbonate waters, amog which «Polyana Kvasova is», are applied also at treatment of gallstone disease , pancreatitis, cholecystitis, treatment of a liver, biliary dyskinesia, at treatment of a paradontosis, osteochondrosis and diabetes.

Hotel complex «Sofia» offers you the wide range of health-improving water procedures , based on own medical and recreational base, qualified medical personnel and modern equipment. Use of Polyana Kvasova mineral water with its medicinal properties in combination with the purest Carpathian air facilitates improvement of overall health.

    We offer a wide range of hydroprocedures:

  • SPA procedure hamam
  • Hydromassage complex
  • “Pearl” and aromatherapy massage bathtub
  • Underwater massage
  • Water procedures on the basis of mineral water

Come to «Sofia», after all treatment in Zakarpattya is a treatment by the nature!


Procedures Costs (UAH) Duration (min)
Doctor's consultation and doctor's observation 200
Own pumping station with mineral water free
Physiotherapeutic procedures
Inhalation 60 10-15
Quartz tube 60 1
Magnetotherapy 100 10
Ultrasound therapy 100 10
Laser therapy 100 10
Electrophoresis 100 10
Ozokeritotherapy (1 application as prescribed by the doctor) 150 20-30
Ozokeritotherapy (5 procedures) 600 20-30
Microclima 70 5-10
Hightock 180 25-30
Hightock 200 25-30
Water treatments
Manual jet hydromassage + pearl bath 200 25
Full hydromassage complex (manual jet hydromassage for the whole body + pearl + needles) 270 40
Complete hydromassage complex (manual jet hydromassage for the whole body + mother-of-pearl + bishofit) 270 40
Bischofite bath with crystal concentrate (large) 210 20
Conifer bath with minerals and trace elements (large) 210 20
Mineral bath (small) 170 20
Mineral bath 5 treatments (small) 600 20
Turpentine baths (small) 165 20
Bischofite bath with crystal concentrate (small) 190 20
Coniferous bath with minerals and trace elements (small) 190 20
Beta-carotene bath 300 20
Rising shower 100 7-10
Hydrolaser gum irrigation (10 procedures) 1000 7-10
Hydrolaser gum irrigation (5 procedures) 575 7-10
Hydrolaser gum irrigation (1 procedure) 135 7-10
Dry carbon dioxide baths 1 procedure 170 25
Dry carbon dioxide baths 5 procedures 750 25
Dry carbon dioxide baths 10 procedures 1200 25
Halo camera (salt room)
Halo camera 100 30
Massage services
General body massage 500 50-55
Back massage 220 25-30
Massage of the cellular zone 170 15-20
Children's back massage 150 15-20
Hand massage 145 30-40
Leg massage 190 40
General body massage (children's) 250 30
Leg massage 150 25
Head massage 120 15
SPA procedures
Coffee peeling: sauna (15 min.), rubbing with coffee, massage (15 min.) 600 60
Anti-cellulite massage 500 50
Bischophytic wrappings of hands and feet 100 30
Bischofite wraps of knee, elbow and shoulder joints + (IR sauna) 100+25 30
Pressotherapy 300 30
HAMAM: shower; sauna (10-15 min.); rubbing with a glove; soap peeling; rubbing with salt; rubbing with honey; relaxing massage with oil 1000 до 120
Turkish bath + infrared sauna (up to 6 people) 600 60
Parent/child pool (children - up to 140 cm tall) 200/100 60
Phyto Barrel 120 20
Phyto Barrel (5 procedures) 500 20
Finnish sauna (2 people) 440 60

Medical treatment and services

You will not only relax, but also healthier.

Medical treatment and services

You will not only relax, but also healthier.